Happy Clients :))

Join us on Exclusive Journeys to the Worlds Most Amazing Places Driving Real “Baja 1000 “ Rallyraid Cars.

"I had no idea what it would feel like to drive on the Play Station but in the real world. Incredible car, super easy to drive and very, very exciting. A memorable experience! I can't wait to repeat it Harald E."

Harald E.

"Thank you very much to the TGD team for this training to learn how to drive in the sand and for all the secrets that you have taught us about the Dakar rally and that I will use in the organization of my team. I can't wait to be in the racing car, I already feel much more prepared and I'm looking forward to living the challenge. Bruno S."

Bruno S.

"I wanted to thank you Jorge for the wonderful weekend we spent with my family in your buggies. We have all really loved it, although paying for the experience also to my daughters' boyfriends has not been cheap, hahaha. We hope to repeat soon. A hug Alvaro C."

Alvaro C.

"Thank you for providing us with such an incredible experience. I never thought that my country had such stunning natural wonders, but with your vehicles, we were able to explore the most remote regions of the Andes and discover them. This has been an unforgettable journey that exceeded all of my expectations. We wish you all the best! Susana V."

Susana V.

"Hello, As some were aware, after the adventure in the desert my vacations began with my family and making a hoop in them I have seen these thank you emails. I want to join them and thank those who managed to somehow make one go back to living an adult adventure and enjoy it as children. Thank you very much Antonio, Hans and Mario for giving us this opportunity and Jorge for being ready to help us at all times with a willingness and disposition that few see. Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon in a new odyssey!!!! A hug!!!! Juan Francisco B."

Juan Francisco B.

"Hello everyone : I join all the thanks I have no words to thank the super invitation, everything turned out great, and above all the good vibes that formed, I hope to see you again next year!!!!! A big hug for everyone !!!! Max K."

Max K.

"Hello friends, It was a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to enjoy this exciting and joyful adventure in the Atacama desert. Our adaptation here is not easy, Emilio brakes very hard and I have to restrain myself because I can't accelerate with the same energy with which I accelerated the buggies hehehe... Thanks to Jorge and his team we had these INCREDIBLE days where he has dedicated so much love and professionalism. I had the opportunity as a woman to vibrate, have fun and safely accompany the group. We wish you complete success in this promising business. I especially want to thank everyone for the patience and generosity with which they helped me through all the difficulties I faced, many of these feminine characteristics. We would like to meet them in a future opportunity. We await your contact as soon as possible, so if we get lost in the desert you can find us again! Hugs to all! Debora G."

Debora G.

"Dear Debora and Emilio I am glad that you have returned safely to your land. This experience has been incredible, you are absolutely right and two great objectives were achieved, one to get to know the whole group and enjoy this great experience, and secondly to dream of participating in the Dakar...everything really went perfectly, thanks to the great dedication of Jorge and his team. Remember on your next visit to Chile contact us to remember this great experience last week A big hug, slds Hans S."

Hans S.

"Ladies and Gentlemen ! I have just arrived from a trip and I see that everyone has already expressed themselves positively about the program that has just ended. A program that brings together Italians, Chileans, Argentines, Spaniards, Portugueses, Peruvians, Americans and Brazilians consolidates itself as genuinely international. Even more, if all these people manage to interact with each other, and with the program designed by someone! Jorge, thank you very much for this “Gentleman Drivers” program, because not only did I have the pleasure of getting to know the desert and its unforgettable beauties, but I was also able to enjoy the knowledge and interaction of very pleasant people who, in a short space of time, knew how to live in harmony and made "friends of the desert", as corresponds to an adventure program like this one. In addition to the names already mentioned in previous mails, I would like to remind you of the names of the staff that effectively without them, none of this could have happened; to my friends Marcelo , Alejandro , Alessandro , Sacha , and Cláudio (my co-driver ), a hug and the certainty that we will see each other again soon. Antonio, send all your guests and now our "desert friends" a big hug. To the Brazilians on the show, I'll congratulate you all having a dinner here. Also send greetings to the developers of the cars and congratulate them on the Buggies - they are remarkable ! Success to all and happiness, friends of the desert! Paulo L."

Paulo L.

"Dear All, Since it was impossible for us to see them on the route, I am attaching some photos of our team. Thank you all very much for the good vibes... Especially Antonio, Hans and our Jedi Mario, who at all times was concerned with the smallest detail to make this experience so memorable... See you soon... Atte. Sebastian R."

Sebastian R.

"TGD Team, I maintain that the truly great adventures are those that improve the soul of those who live them, positively this buggy trip enriched ours! I would be offended to know that one of the group passed through Buenos Aires without having accepted a good barbecue at my house and sharing unforgettable anecdotes of what we live through! Soon I will upload photos of the trip to Facebook to share them together. I would appreciate if you could send me some photos in which I appear in response, since I realized that I don't have any! I also take this opportunity to apologize to those who did not get to say hello personally on the last day, since I got a lift to Bs As at the last moment and did not give me time for anything. big hug to all Sasha F."

Sasha F.

"Following this great chain, I would like to thank this phenomenal trio that is Hans, Antonio and Mario. Thank you very much for the excellent experience you gave us a few days ago. This year you became the 3 Wise Men! I predict tremendous success for the Gentlemandriver.com team with the great human quality that they treasure. Any kind of pre-trip expectation was truly exceeded by far. It was an honor to be the pioneers! In addition to all the thanks, congratulate the birthday boy who must be having a great time today. Congratulations Anthony! A big hug to everyone and I look forward to the future meeting to remember the trip. Andres R. C."

Andres R. C.

"Congratulations Antonio!! I imagine at this time you are already celebrating!! A hug and once again thank you very much for this Dakar-like adventure we had, and for the tremendous human group that was formed in the north!! Priceless to have been driving in the desert and to the minute see the Rally competitors go by!! I accompany him celebrating from the beach with a serrano ham and some powdered cheeses!! Haha... And congratulations to the Brazilian couple for getting "lost" in the dunes!! You can imagine why the rally drivers were distracted that day, Remarkable!! A hug to all, we hope to see you soon! Atte Manuel Jose B."

Manuel Jose B.

"After recovering the work that was behind schedule and now that I have a little more time, I wanted to dedicate these lines to you to congratulate you on the excellent adventure that you made us all enjoy. I had never had an experience (with clothes!!) that left me reflecting for so long on how much fun I had. In addition, the group to which Debora, Emilio and Paulo adapted perfectly, was exceptionally nice and warm. I imagine what you have suffered to carry out this project with the financial and personal costs that it entails, but I am sincerely convinced that you are going to be very successful and that this may be a dedication that will take you away from the competitions that you have already done for too many years. I don't have Paulo's email or the rest of your team, so I ask you to send them the present. As a gift to your dedication, I want to ask you to send me, as well as everyone present, all the photos, videos, etc... to put them together and prepare a video that I hope we will meet to see at a good meal with friends. A hug to all."

Antonio S.

"Dear Friends, I cannot stop writing these lines to thank everyone for the pleasant moments we had in our recent adventure and especially Antonio and Mario, who gambled with a memorable invitation that commits us to make all the efforts within our reach to achieve his dream of running a truck in the next Dakar. I also take the opportunity to congratulate Jorge, for his audacity to embark on this adventure tourism company with buggies, an adventure that I am sure he will be able to carry out based on his dedication and concern. This weekend, with Christian, I will try to pass the photos to send them on Monday, including some compromising ones that I will keep jealously for future negotiations, hahaha. A hug to all and for Antonio, who is celebrating his birthday today, my wishes that he celebrate it accordingly together with advice to take care of the crisis of 40, which is severe........., for what they have told me."

Walter V.

"Jorge, Antonio, Hans, Mario; thank you very much for everything !!! My maximum experience driving cars before this was only on Play Station! And I never imagined how spectacular it could be live!!!! I really had an incredible time, the entire group that was formed was made up of top-notch people! P.S. I just have one problem... Now when I drive in the city and I see a place with dirt or sand, I immediately want to drive the car at full speed... A hug Jose Antonio V."

Jose Antonio V.